Orlando, FL's The Glorious Rebellion have been destroying stages quickly, concisely, and with intent since forming in 2014. The duo's chaotic spin on Noise Rock & Sludge features sounds reminiscent of Helmet, Unsane, and Acid Bath, turning heads at a rapid pace.

"Orlando’s The Glorious Rebellion is the sort of band that, were they alive and kicking back in the late 80s/early-to-mid 90s, would have been about as seriously tailor-made for a life signed to AmRep as one could imagine. Not only does the Grand Canyon-sized groove, acerbic guitar stomp and burly vocal bellow fit the musical mold, their two releases thus far – 7” debut and forthcoming Euphoric mini-LP – are dripping with the kind of sarcastic snarkiness and no-one-could-give-fewer-fucks attitude that drew in like-minded laughing misanthropes while repelling and/or offending everyone else within earshot."  Decibel Magazine

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